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Zalo is a free messaging, chat, call, video call application with your friends and loved ones! Zalo PC 18.10.3 is the latest addition to many features awaiting you to explore. Zalo PC allows users to send files super fast, sharing messages in the conversation easily. Also, when you send or receive multiple photos, you can group them.


  • Publisher: VNG
  • Version: 18.10.3
  • Usage: Free 
  • Size: 64.7 MB
  • Update day: 11/10/2018
  • Requirements:  Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

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Zalo has just updated its latest version - Zalo 18.10.3 for PC has a  very handy search feature that allows you to search for files, pictures and links in the media. Even show the last 5 phone numbers searched, showing strangers who have chat with you to save significant time and effort.

 Zalo PC with recent upgrades has changed a lot in terms of appearance as well as advanced features such as watching video while chatting, hinting to send files while messaging to friends, making video calls on PC better. .. helps users to have great chatting moments with friends and relatives.

In addition to the main features are a messaging app, chat, call, video call completely free with friends and loved ones; Zalo also allows you to send files super-fast, take screenshots in the application and synchronize chat between devices including computers. Please wait, please download and login Zalo to keep up-to-date information of your friends and relatives!

Download Zalo  to own chat software that combines a social network, users can post their status, photos, videos on the Zalo personal page. After a period of Zalo release for all three platforms Android, iOS and Windows Phone, VNG developer Zalo has officially set foot on the Windows platform and Mac OS X. Now you can comfortably text, Free calls to friends right on Zalo 2018version , just sign up Zalo, create account and log in Zalo then start chatting, send messages, free video call free.

With Zalo, you can chat anytime, anywhere, on any device:

Zalo for Android
Download  Zalo for iOS
Zalo for Windows Phone
Zalo for Symbian
Download  Zalo for Mac
Zalo Web

Main Features of Zalo 2018 for PC

Send free Zalo Video video from PC to phone: Free calling for colleagues, relatives and friends.
The voice messaging feature lets you send messages without typing. The talk time can be up to 5 minutes.

Super fast data sharing: Drag and drop files, images, and video to send at speeds up to 5 times faster than normal.

Share your location with friends or chat groups.

Send greeting cards, stickers, animated GIFs, videos, pictures ... and many other gadgets from PC to mobile.

Convenient Screen Capture: Press the keyboard shortcut  Ctrl + Alt + S  to take screenshots even without Zalo open. Easily express ideas with the new set of drawing tools.

Unlimited group chat: Create groups for up to 50 people with colleagues or family members.
Synchronize messages with your phone: Make sure you do not miss any calls or messages.
Find and connect friends around based on your phone's contacts.

Have fun with your friends with some built-in games.

Download Zalo PC latest version ,  you can mark important messages, help users find the message quickly. When you want to find the highlighted messages, just click the star icon in the top right corner of the chat interface. At the same time, it also displays photos or GIF images through the sharing link.

Moreover, Zalo has recently redesigned the completely new flat-panel interface. The menu bar is moved to the left, not to collapse into the three dashes as before, giving users access to frequently used functions faster, more convenient.

Message Icon: Alt + 1 shortcut , lists all conversations, including group conversations.
One person icon: Access contacts, shortcuts Alt + 2.
3 Human Figure Icon: Group List, Alt + 3 Shortcut .
Bell icon: Displays a list of messages that remind you of a group conversation.
Star icon: Show all favorite markers.
Gear icon: Go to the settings section.
New Zalo interface
Download Zalo PC to experience the new interface extremely convenient.

Now, the GIF and Sticker icons are no longer above the text input field as before, but when you click on the smiley icon next to the text input box, you will see 3 cards, Sticker, Animation should. Looks much neat interface.

Zalo changed the main interface

Download Zalo PC to experience the new interface extremely convenient.

Now you can easily view your friends' details in the chat. Just click on the avatar of your friends, immediately show the details of that person for you to see. Or you can right-click on any friend's name, select View information.

Show friend detailsDownload Zalo to your PC - Easily view your friends' details.

Zalo is one of the most popular OTT (Over The Top) applications in Vietnam today, along with Viber, Skype, Snapchat, Whatsapp ...  Zalo PC  and mobile perfectly meet the needs of the human community. use. With basic features such as chatting, calling, texting, sending pictures ... for free, along with stability, the latest version of Zalo always brings the unforgettable experience for the user.

New interface:

Zalo 18.10.2 redesigned the new interface more friendly, more effective to give users a smoother experience more. The new look is much flatter, the chat icon in the chat interface is also redesigned. Even designed a button to take screenshots without Zalo window in the left sidebar.

New Zalo interface

Send files up to 300 MB:
More interesting you can send large files up to 300 MB. ZIP files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint ... are also sent via Zalo PC. In addition, the recipient of the file can preview the file in the chat box, download files to the hard drive regardless of the size or select multiple files to download at the same time easily.

Send files up to 300 MB

Other updates:
Enables searching files from the Search Bar, making finding files a lot easier than ever.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

New feature in Zalo 18.9.2

Create reminders so you do not miss any important events in the group.

New Features in Zalo 18.9.1

Login without a password: With this great new feature, you can simply send a request to your phone to log in quickly and conveniently.

The new sticker in the chat window helps to start the conversation more fun and animated.
Quick reply: You can double-click the area next to the message to quickly reply to your friends and colleagues.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

New features in Zalo
File preview: Helps you quickly view the contents of Word, Excel, Power Point files in the messaging interface, and easily memorize and retrieve when needed.
Advanced directory search: Find your friends by name and by name Zalo, making search more convenient than ever.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
New features in Zalo

Recently Search Phone: The new version displays the last 5 phone numbers searched, reducing the time it takes to re-enter the number.

Search for strangers: The new directory search results will show strangers who have chat, making it easy to find old conversations.

Media Search: Users do not have to wrestle with data while working with Zalo PC, which supports searching for files, images and links in the media. You can choose the date, file, link, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or the date range.

Search in the Media archive

New features in Zalo
Online / Off / Busy mode can be selected (turn off all notifications).
Set the default save directory.
Optimized download speeds and media storage.
New features in Zalo
Name a reminder for friends, colleagues.
Share business cards right from the conversation.
New Personal Information View: Shows the last 10 photos from the diary.
Accelerate file downloads.
Show preview for pdf file in chat window.
New feature in Zalo
Optimal search feature.
Improved stability when sending messages.
New feature in Zalo
Support group posters, review messages, and group polls.
Media Storage Synchronization in Dialog Transfers files between devices.
You can save whole pictures from a group of pictures in a conversation to your computer.
New Features in Zalo 3.1.73
Completely change the look: The Menu Bar is to the left, instead of the 3 dashes, giving you more convenient access.
Allows you to reply to old messages (captions) in group conversations, which are very convenient for large groups of important messages.
Completely changeable interface

New Features in Zalo 2.7.2
Improved messaging performance, photo sharing.
Complement many beautiful emoji.
New Features in Zalo 2.7.1
Super fast file transfer with up to 100 MB.
New features in Zalo 2.7.0
Group together when sending or receiving multiple photos at the same time.
Share messages in a conversation with friends.
New features in Zalo 2.6.0
Register a new account.
Sign in with Facebook.
Update avatar and account information.
Reset password if you forgot.
New Features in Zalo 2.5.3
Login with your phone number and password.
Show friend suggestions.
Fixed a previous bug.
Display images via link

Display images via sharing link.


Sticker on the latest Zalo very diverse, rich.

There are also some other cool features built into the app. Do not hesitate to  download Zalo  to your computer, install and login to enjoy the exciting features that this software brings.

After downloading Zalo and installing Zalo on the computer successfully, you need to open Zalo on your mobile, go to Connect and scan the QR code code on the computer screen. Once this is done, your Zalo account on your computer will be connected to your Zalo account on your mobile and you will be able to use Zalo on your PC.


How to install and use Zalo on PC

How to login Zalo, login Zalo on the computer
Login to Zalo by Zalo account
After the installation of Zalo is complete, open up the Zalo Login interface . There are two options for logging in with your Zalo account or scanning the QR code. If you select a Zalo account , you must select a country code, enter a phone number, enter a password and a confirmation code. Then, click Sign in.

Sign in with your Zalo account

Enter Zalo by scanning the QR code
Step 1: If you choose to sign Zalo by QR code scan, you must open Zalo on your phone to scan the QR code. Can use Zalo for Android, Zalo for iOS or Zalo for Windows Phone to scan it.

Scan the QR Code

Step 2: Download here here Download Android for Android. At the main Zalo Android interface, click the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen, select Scan QR code . Then point the camera at the QR Code on the computer to scan.

Scan the QR CodeScan the QR code on your computer

Step 3: When scanning the QR code successfully, on the computer Zalo will appear message "Scan code is successful. Please select Yes on mobile device to login."

Scan QR Code successfully

Step 4: Return to your phone and you'll see the message "Do you want to sign in to Zalo on a device named ...?" , then click Sign In . Shortly afterwards in the Zalo message on the phone will appear notice that you are logged into Zalo account on the computer.

Login to Zalo computerZalo computer login message

Step 5: Go back to Zalo on your computer to send free text messages, free calls, file sharing, send animations, take screenshots to your friends ...

Zalo PC main interface

So you already know how to sign in to Zalo on your computer, so you can chat with your friends even when they are working on your computer. Quite simply, are not you?
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