How to use IDM( Internet Download Manager) downloader

Details on how to use IDM( Internet Download Manager)

Main window

The main window of the program includes a list of files that have been downloaded. This list also includes additional information about file downloads such as file size, download status, estimated download time, download speed, and more. You can reorder this list by clicking on the corresponding column header.

You can add new files to download with the Add URL control  button . You can enter the URL into the text box or paste the URL directly into it. You can also enter the name and password information to download the file in case some server requests by checking " Use authorization ".

If the URL is valid, the Save As dialog box will appear and from this dialog you can enter the file description information as well as the path to save the file. Another way to add information is to use the " Download Properties " dialog . There are 3 function buttons at the bottom of the Save As dialog box  . If you want to cancel the download, just hit the  Cancel button .

At the top of the toolbar in the main IDM window are other components:
Resume : Restore downloads from previously paused or failed downloads
Stop : Stop loading a link
Stop All : Stop all downloads on the program
Delete : Delete one or more download links are selected
Delete C ... : Delete downloaded links that have been loaded successfully
Option : Change the program options such as what are the download types, the default download path, Proxy or VPN edits ... (see more about the options  here )
Scheduler : Scheduling for downloading applications


On the left side of the window is a chart that organizes download files according to their format. You can disable this feature by turning off the Categories window and not selecting any category when downloading the file. IDM has default items associated with the file formats such as Music, Videos, Programs, Documents ... You can edit, delete and add your own items.

Right-clicking on a category you'll see a menu that allows you to add items, fixes, or deletes. When adding a category, you can choose the file format that corresponds to the category you just added or put the downloaded file into the default category.

For example, the Docs folder corresponds to the file formats "doc pdf xls txt" and is saved in the default path "C : \ Downloads \ Documents ".

Customize the main window view

The standard version of IDM has four types of interface for the toolbar including:  Large 3D buttons, Small 3D buttons, Small Classic buttons  and  Small Classis buttons . You can select these interfaces or download new interfaces from the homepage. Moreover, you can draw the toolbar interface to your liking.

To customize IDM's toolbar interface preferences, right-click on the toolbar and the dialog box below will appear (see below).

From here, you can customize the styles and sizes of the toolbar buttons from the options available in the menu. Another option is to click the " Look for new toolbars " menu to download from the Internet.

To customize the IDM columns in the main window, right-click on the title of each column.

From here you can specify which columns to appear, the size of the column and the order of the columns. To activate a column, you need the corresponding box. You can move the columns to another location by selecting the Move up and Move Down buttons. You can also change the position by dragging and dropping column headers as you like.

Download operation with IDM

There are many ways for you to start downloading the file as follows:

1) Manage downloads on popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Morilla, Netscape and many other browsers.  Whenever you click on a download link from a browser, IDM will automatically download the link and download the file of your choice. It then automatically downloads the files that the format is in the types / extensions list. This list can be changed when you go to  Options  ->  General .

If the Download Later button  is added, the URL will be added to the download list, but the download will not start immediately. If you click the Start Download button  , the selected file will be automatically downloaded immediately. IDM has the ability to sort downloaded files according to the format of the file and suggest default storage locations for files. You can completely change these options. In case the zip file is downloaded, you can view the content before downloading by clicking the Preview button  .

2) Add download link

You can manually add the download link to IDM with the Add URL feature  . Then, the following dialog will appear and will download the link when you click the OK button  .

3) IDM is built into the right mouse when using IE based browsers (MSN, AOL, Avant) and based on Mozilla (Firefox, Netscape).

Downloading files this way is especially useful when IDM can not automatically download files. You only need to select this option to download the file. You can also select a text area on IE and use this feature to add all the links on the selection to process.

4) Drag and drop links when using IE on the main screen

Drop Target is a window where input is hyperlinks that are dropped from browsers such as IE, Netscape or Opera. You can pull the link from your browser and drop into the window to start the download process right away. If you want to hide this window you can turn it off. If you want to show you back to " Url> Show Drop target " from the main window.

Properties dialog box

The Properties dialog box will appear when you select the Properties item   in the menu when double-clicking on the file name. The dialog box displays the information and allows you to change the location of the file on the drive, the URL address and the description for the file. You can open the file directly using the Open button  .

Options dialog box
In the Options dialog box, you can reset all configuration to suit your needs and purpose. The dialog box consists of 7 tabs:  General, File Types, Connection, Save To, Downloads, Proxy, Site Logs, Dial-Up, Sounds .

General Tab can be used to choose from: Automatic startup with Windows, IDM integration into browsers like IE, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape ...

IDM supports many customizable integration with browsers. Basic (Basic) allows the user to customize what kind of integration is used for each browser by selecting the browser and clicking the Details button  .  In this integration mode, you can add a browser by clicking the " Add Browser ... " button. Later, the software will determine the version of the browser and self-integration.

In addition, it also allows you to select hotkey combinations to request / block IDM to download files. Click the Keys  button  and the " Using special keys " dialog box will appear. From this dialog you can select the appropriate hotkeys for each browser. Particularly for browsers based on Opera and OLD Mozilla, can be integrated using plug-ins. This integration mode does not support hotkeys to prevent / require IDM to download files. If you want to prevent / require file downloads by hotkey, you should use the " Advanced browser integration " feature.

File Types

Can be used to change the file formats to be downloaded by IDM or by the browser.
You can forbid downloading files from some predefined sites. To do this, simply add the site address to the " do not start dowloading " list. For example, when adding  *  to the list, will not download from,,  ...


On the Connection tab, you have to select the speed for your Internet connection. This is necessary for optimizing the use of transmission lines. Avoid selecting the " Max Connection Number " with a value greater than 4. This value is too large to slow down the connection speed and slow down the server where you are loading the data. Moreover, it can also affect some of the network administrator's security. On the other hand, increasing the number of connections can speed up the file download process if you have a high-speed connection.

If you want to specify the maximum size IDM can take advantage of, you can choose to  customize IDM Download Limits . This is a very useful custom with some connection standards such as Directway, Direct PC, Hughes ... For example, in case you only want to download at a maximum speed of 40MB per hour or 150MB per 4 hours continuously , The load will not exceed this norm. This way you can take full advantage of the download links to download large files.

Save To
In this tab you will select the default directory that corresponds to the downloaded file format. You can change these folders by right-clicking and  selecting Properties  in each category. IDM also has a " Remember last save path " feature that automatically saves the download address of the previous download.

The Temporary Directory defines the paths where temporary files will be stored. You can change this directory as needed, for example in case there is not enough disk space.


In this dialog box, you can effectively manage which dialog boxes are displayed. Selecting " Do not show " in the Download Progress dialog box   will lose this dialog. Other options such as window minimization can be used with " Show minimized ".

Silent mode when all the links you click on are automatically saved to a default folder. If you do not want the Download complete dialog box  , you can uncheck " Show start download dialog ", " Do not show download complete dialog " and select " Do not show " in Download Progress list box  .

Tab Proxy / Firewall is where you configure proxy. The " Use FTP in PASV " option means that the passive mode of the FTP protocol will be activated. You should enable this option when a firewall or proxy server is enabled. At this time, you can also add personal information if the proxy server requires it.

Site Logins
The Site Logins tab (only exists in copyright versions) is used when you want to automatically declare information to the download servers that require logins. Activate this feature by clicking the New button  ,  adding URL addresses and Username / Password information.

Dial up
If the dial-up connection is used, there will be a feature for editing the phone book entries for your connection. In this list, you have the right to choose the connection to use with IDM. If your computer is connected to the Internet, this connection will be shown by default.

After selecting the connection, you can change the  username  and  password information , then save it by pressing the Apply button  . If you want IDM to automatically fill in your password information, you can  check the Save Password box . In addition, you can configure the number of reconnections and the time interval between each session. Most  OK  to save the modification and  Cancel  to not save.


It is possible to emit a different kind of sound to inform the user. In the sound card, the user can select the sound and set the tone for each individual event.

Note : You can select the sounds from the files available in the machine. To select the type of sound, first select the type of event, click the  Browse button,  locate the audio file, and mark the sound associated with the corresponding event. You can listen to the audio before using the Play button .

Download Complete (Download Complete)
When the download is complete, IDM displays the " Download Complete " dialog box . From here, you can choose different ways to open downloaded files.

For example, you can turn off displaying of notifications every time a file is downloaded by selecting " Do not show this dialog again ". If you want to disable this feature, you can go to Options > Downloads tab.

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