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VMware Workstation - Create and manage Virtual Machines easy !

VMware Workstation is also known as the operating system of the emulator software / VMware Player drive, it is very popular VMware virtual machine software can change the work we use, and give developers a very useful way .

VMware Workstation Pro, you can completely change the way technology professionals develop, test, deploy software to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same x86 chips on one computer. With 15 years of establishment and development, won several awards Pro workstations, user support is not compatible with their operating system, brings a wealth of functionality and smooth performance of the user experience.


  • Applicant Software: VMware Workstation
  • Updates : 07/03/2017
  • Requirement : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
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Highlights of New Features in VMwareWorkstation P.12

And more support for Windows 10

12 Pro workstation is the best way to evaluate, test Winndows computer with Windows 10 and its existing Linux. Just a few simple steps, users can easily install from disk or virtual machine Virtual Assistant Windows workstation ISO 10. With this software, users easily use new features such as virtual assistant Cortana, on the edge From the virtual pen of the browser, and even started to build applications of widely used devices of Windows 10, you can even call straight Cortana open VMwareWorkstation in Windows 10.

Ready to support the latest equipment

The software can help you through the workstation virtual tablet sensor using the latest Intel tablet. When you use virtual applications and Microsoft Surface tablet accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and light sensor can move, rotate or vibrate in response to always running on a virtual machine interaction, shake your tablet. VMware Workstation 12 Pro also supports the latest 64-bit Intel x86 processors, including lined and Haswell, to provide the best performance.

Improving business performance

Powerful 3D graphics display

Support VMwareWorkstation DirectX 12 and OpenGL 3.3 10, when running 3D applications bring a smoother interactive experience. You can access all of the required data visualization DirectX 10, such as Microsoft Excel requires the power of the card. In addition, the software also helps managed as AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS on an easily high-speed virtual machine desired 3D software.

Create powerful virtual machine

With VMwareWorkstation 12 Professional Edition, users can create powerful virtual machine, up to 16 vCPUs, 8 TB virtual disks and 64 GB of memory, to the virtualized environment more requiring running software or server applications. Advanced graphics applications is up to 2GB memory and better support.

Improved connection

12 Po workstations using the latest hardware support for its Surround HD 7.1 audio system, USB 3.0 ports and Bluetootk devices, with the help of camera, headset or printer easily connected to the virtual machine. 12 Pro workstation now supports USB 3.0 in Windows Windows 7 8 brings the possibility of ultra-high-speed file sharing of external storage devices together. In addition, the software is also improved with Lync Skype calls or virtual machine performance, to bring the best quality call.

High resolution screen

VMware Workstation 12 Pro is optimized to support screen on desktop HUD 4K (3850x2160) and QHD + (3200x1800) using x86 laptop and tablet in detail your experience. The software also supports various DPI settings and select the multi-screen display so that you can run mafnhinfh 4K HD 1080p past criminal.

Establish a virtual network connection

With support for IPv6 enhancements, including IPv6 IPX6 network address translation capabilities (from 6to4 and 4to6), users can create such a complex network structure. Add or remove IPv4 or virtual IPv6, and create a new virtual network settings, it is ideal for testing and describing the new environment without affecting the existing settings of the computer.

VMware Workstation allows users to easily control the setup and running on a PC or virtual machine in the cloud to interact. Quick workstation user interface of the search function brings a simple menu, thumbnail icons, labels, screen settings, and virtual machine libraries, making it easy to see and virtual machine access. Users can create multiple virtual machines with the software workspace.

VMwareWorkstation design

Computer experts to test the deployment of patches, upgrading the system in the environment of the first freedom.

Systems of engineering and technical experts to describe the environment in virtual connections - including client, server and virtual database - in a single computer.

Software developers rely on Pro workstation and integrate with Visual Studio, Eclipse and other tools in multiple environments and operating system development, the ability to debug the application.

More features than VMwareWorkstation 11

Prepare for Microsoft Windows 10.15: 04 from Ubuntu, RHEL 7.1, Fedora 22.
It supports Microsoft DirectX 10.
3.3 OpenGL support.
Support 4K screen.
A host of setting multiple DPI screens.
Automatic shutdown when host virtual machine downtime.
IPv6 address translation.
VCloud activity with air power and outside, suspend and resume.
P2V - is included on the Windows 10 computer on a virtual machine.
USB 3.0 support on Windows 7.
There are more than 39 new features.

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