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Effective tool for online threats are arranged in front of a simple interface homepage, Sophos solutions to protect your computer from the family.

Unlike traditional anti-virus software, the Sophos home page, you can prevent the risk of multiple software. So if your family has more than one computer, the Sophos family will be the best choice.


  • Software: Sophos Home
  • Updates : 10/10/2016
  • Requirement : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

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Sophos security software Main features of the home page

Anti-Malware: Sophos Virus Family Uncomfortable separation to prevent the computer from slowing down the speed of malicious software, which prevents hackers from accessing sensitive personal information.

Web Filtering: Sophos Home to protect your network from threats and inappropriate content. Just a few mouse clicks, you can block access to sites containing inappropriate content, contain malicious code.

Hooks: Log in to a web-based administration panel of the Internet browser, any Windows PC, Mac in your home will be protected.

Using the Sophos page, you must create an account on the web. This account will be used to connect to the web interface, allowing the computer to add the required protection control panel.

During the required installation, even if you do not involve the house too much Sophos relative period of time. Installation need to restart your computer and start using the Sophos home.

Sophos page on your computer screen is quite simple, using the Analyze Now button, several protection options. In addition, the web-based interface is displayed on the main board. Parties to access all of the user's objects, but they do not understand much about computers.

As mentioned earlier, the Sophos home page can help users access the homepage in the health of the dashboard Once monitoring multiple systems, select Add Device, you will provide a link to Send to the computer you want to add, and download it home to install Sophos. You can see the current status and the number of warnings issued on a particular computer. It can even scan your computer to reach as long as it is open and connected to the Internet.

In summary, Sophos Anti-Virus Home is very convenient, allowing multiple computers to protect the way, simple and fast as possible. It comes with an intuitive interface and a full control panel you can easily use.
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