Outpost Security Suite Free

Outpost Security Suite Agnitum Free 7.1 just released, is an almost complete security upgrade applications, there are many small adjustments to the province and correct mistakes, but also very interesting things together.
The first is to increase the anti-malware engine Monday against spyware, adware and Trojan horses, a single antivirus engine previously. Agnitum said this version of mirrored protection, safer Windows users. However, there is no change in the interface options, so you can continue to use Outpost Security Suite in the way you have been.

Outpost Security Suite Free
Updates : 03/03/2011
Requirement : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Link download Link download Outpost Security Suite 32/64 bit

Updates installed update a big change in this version. Previously, the Outpost FREE User Suite security expenditures updated once a day, but the update to version 7.1 automatically as long as they appear on the Agnitum server download. The free version only disadvantage is that the download speed, the Outpost Security Suite user will be the first priority of the load and speed.
Outpost Security Suite FREE now option Additional Language Pro which allows English / German display.
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