Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (Standalone)

Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (Standalone)

With a number of well known Internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, the Mozilla Firefox browser still holds a strong market share. In Firefox52.0.1 Update WebAssembly Supplement code, a new binary format allows users to see 3D games in your browser without having to re-install the Firefox Unity Web Player plug-in.

Firefox Offline Installer
Updates : 22/3/2017
Requirement : Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
Link download Firefox Offline Installer

The latest Firefox interface to simplify the "off" on the map by the Help Strong Close on the touchscreen for faster labels in the address size police bar also increased. In order to be content with other devices you find, such as Google or Yahoo Bing is integrated into the search area of ​​the Windows taskbar on 10.

Mozilla has been added to Windows 10 gorgeous new theme. At the same time, allowing you to browse the Web, without affecting the Chrome browser, Safari or Microsoft Edge being tracked.
Firefox features include pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated Google search, simplified privacy management has, simplified browser window to help you observe more web browsers and a variety of other methods than You can use your time on the internet function.

Firefox is considered the safest web browser, the browser also has a lot of expansion to meet the needs of most users. In addition, Firefox supports today's most popular platforms, allowing users to browse the web comfortably on any device.

52.0.1 some updates in the Firefox web browser
Additional code WebAssembly JavaScript programming language, this technology is one of the latest standards of the web. Helps to improve the ability to manage 3D games in the browser without installing additional plug-in support. Thus, the speed of loading pages has increased significantly.
Integrated into the automatic detection port, which facilitates access Wi-Fi hotspots.
When accessing the Internet via the mobile portal, Firefox warns the user and the login page opens in a new tab.
When a user tries to connect to a site without increased HTTPS connections security warnings.
Key Features of Mozilla Firefox Web Browsers

(New) to improve the user experience:
In this new updated version allows you to discover the most amazing surf. In particular, the so-called impressive bar remembers the user's selection of a new toolbar and making the most appropriate choice.
Easier to navigate
Improved interface
Mozilla Firefox browser interface has been focused on improvements allow users to feel simple, convenient and efficient.
At the top of the label
These tabs are located above the impressive bar, to help users to focus more easily on the content of the site is accessible.

See the Mozilla Firefox browser: browser security

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browser, can help users experience faster and safer browsing. In addition, the integrated Firefox serial extension can help users gain more secure network access.
Mozilla Firefox browser benefits:
Surf safely.
Provide utility giant warehouse.
Fast web access.
Multi-language support.
Automatically detects the file downloads malware.
Browser Mozilla Firefox Disadvantages:
Slow start.
Planting from time to time.

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