HP Deskjet D1360 Printer Driver download

HP Deskjet D1360 Printer Driver

If you want to update from a previous version of the printer driver settings or add a printer driver to use the download package. This package is compatible with Windows Vista.
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Internet Explorer
Updates : 15/10/2008
Requirement : Windows Vista
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Before you begin the software installation process, you must ensure that your printer is properly configured and enabled.
Close all programs that are running on the computer.
Click to download the file, and displays the file download window.
Choose Save As Dialog and save.
Select a folder to save the printer driver package, and then click Save. Remember to save the file.
By opening Windows Explorer to download files (after the download processed successfully). Note the path name.
Printer connected to the USB port, and the system is activated by the printer.
Screen displays Windows Assistant Add new hardware.
Click Next.
On the next screen, make sure that "Search for this device driver?" Has been selected.
Click Next.
Check that the designated place selection
Step 5. Click Next in the Edit box filled filled path
Click Finish
New Hardware Wizard Repeat the installation of the printer driver. Repeat steps 8-13.
A new dialog box appears, select the name of the printer. Select the name from the list and click the Finish button.
Click Finish
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