Google Chrome Offline Installer - No Internet Requirement

Google Chrome Offline Installer - No Internet Requirement

Not only Firefox, but Chrome Update 57 also supports WebAssembly technology that allows users to easily play 3D games and 3D Web applications. This is more than an enhanced version, which allows users to navigate safer, and limit energy consumption and increase the speed of data transfer.

Google Chrome is now the most popular browsers, there are many users surfing the web via a fast, secure and easy to use capabilities. Most of the time sitting on the user's computer with a web browser to find information, with family and friends, e-mail or online shopping in chat.
In particular, the regular scrolling function is added to the browser, to make the process smoother surfing the web. When you use the mouse to scroll up and down the page, you will easily see web content display much faster and smoother than ever.

Google Chrome Offline Installer
Updates : 22/3/2017
Requirement : Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
Link download Google Chrome Offline Installer

Google Browser 57 Update Feature
WebAssembly technical support, today one of the new standard Web technologies, more than manage application, 3D games, applications and video sounds complicated the ability to support heavy graphics processing also run more smoothly. Thus, network-based applications will have similar performance when installed directly on the device.
You are notified when certain websites attempt to take us to another page without permission.
CSS support layout grid.
New Media Session API.
Fixing some minor bugs often open the window that caused the accident.
Status tab sometimes crashes to overcome.
36 previous bug fixes exist.
Significantly reduce the state of hunger for RAM.

The main features of Google Chrome web browser
Chrome is designed in every possible way quickly. Quick start from the browser of your computer, the page is loaded in an instant, fast run complex web applications.
Quick Start: When you start Chrome in seconds, you double-click the Google Chrome browser icon on the Windows desktop.
Web applications run faster: In essence, Chrome is designed with V8, we built to work with complex web applications of flash speed compatible with a more powerful JavaScript engine.
With each new version, Google Chrome continues to improve JavaScript browser speed with the V8 and Kraken.
Shortcut search and navigation: You can type inches in searches in the Chrome address bar and web addresses
Omnibox function provides search suggestions and typed URLs, as well as auto-completion function can help you get only a few keys you are looking for.

Faster loading pages: Chrome open source rendering WebKit engine and web in an instant load.
The Chrome browser window is simplified, easy to see, simple, and aimed at providing an efficient and easy to use features.
Always simple: Chrome design as simple as possible, so you can focus on what you love most.
Easy and navigation: it is easy to get what you want the right site. No need to ask: "I search online, or go to a website," Just start typing, the results will pop up for you to choose.
That's why Chrome has now entered a box - the Omnibox - where both can search and browse the website. When the address bar will be autocompleted, tips, and immediately if Chrome Instant enabled can even load results.
The efficiency of the management of the label: drag tag browser simple and practical drop and reorder, and thanks to the multi-process architecture in Chrome, you can open a hundred legs without slowing down Chrome.
You can also use your browser's favorite tag (such as email), so they always appear in the same place each time you start the browser.
Tab Search: Why should you go to, then search for a video? Simply insert Omnibox, tap the tab on the YouTube direct search. You can also configure custom keywords for your favorite sites.

Full PDF Browser: Built-in Chrome browser in the PDF reader, so you can load PDF files in an instant, without having to install software or support this point of view. It is easy to adjust, save and print PDF files, click.
When you close Chrome, the browser will save the label open, to be able to restart the browser to retrieve it: start from where you left it.

Chrome is designed to help you secure and prevent malware and phishing protection built-in automatic update feature on the network more secure, to make sure you have all the latest security patches and more.
Safe Browsing: With secure browsing technology, you access the suspect to contain malware or phishing sites, the Chrome browser displays a warning message.

When someone poses as someone else to encourage you to share their personal information or other sensitive information, usually a fake website displays the phishing attacks. Malware, in other words, the software is installed on your machine often without your knowledge, designed to harm your computer or steal risk information in your computer.
Sandbox: Sandbox helps prevent malware from installing or using other labels to affect what happens on this tab on your computer. Sandbox add an extra layer of protection to protect against malicious Web pages - these pages leave the program on your computer, monitor your activities on the Web, or steal private information on your hard drive.
Automatic Updates: To ensure that you update with the latest updates, Chrome checks regularly with security, to ensure that it is still maintained to date protection. Check for updates to ensure that your version of the Google Chrome browser will automatically patch and update the latest security features without having to do anything.
Privacy Specifications
Google browser not only faster but can also help you better control your personal information while helping to protect your online information sharing.
When a site you do not want to hit record or upload on your browsing and download stories, you can browse incognito mode. In addition, you close all private browsing windows, all the cookie will be created in incognito mode are deleted.

When browsing in incognito mode, you will see the icon of the browser in the upper left corner of the incognito. Because it is a simple way to browse the web in a private way, without having to change your privacy settings back and forth between incognito session browsing, it is very useful. For example, you can have a regular meeting, as well as open a private browsing session in separate windows at the same time.
Security Options: You can control the Chrome Options dialog box any privacy preferences, under Sect.
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