Dr.Web CureIt! - a simple Antivirus program

Dr.Web CureIt! - a simple Antivirus program

Do you have antivirus software installed on your computer, but still worried about its effectiveness? Start Dr.Web CureIt without installing rapid scanning of the entire computer and remove all malicious objects.
Dr.Web CureIt! Detects and disables viruses, rootkit, spyware, malware, Trojans, etc., your anti-virus software can not detect it. This is an effective solution to this solution problem.

Information :
  • Dr.Web CureIt!
  • Updates: 27/02/2017
  • Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Security Users of computer software often want to install on your PC is always in protected mode against harmful software. However, all security software can guarantee 100% security for your computer, but there are some places using malware can penetrate through the eyes and into the system.
Dr.Web CureIt Dr.Web is the reputation of a free anti-virus software company security will allow users to scan and test the entire system, to ensure that your computer can "clean" or no. If you mask the malware detected on your computer, thorough spiders processing.
In addition, a large spider CureIt spot light is that it can install and use, and has a separate mode of operation, which allows to disable all processes including the system treats the virus, so you can Easily remove the most tenacious system of the deeply rooted virus.
Also, with the great Spider CureIt! You can test the effectiveness of anti-virus software, and then decide whether Dr.Web is right for you or not. In addition, a great Spider CureIt! It is updated at least once per hour.
Dr.Web CureIt! It automatically detects the installation and scanning installation of the corresponding interface (if your language are not supported by Dr.Web CureIt operating system language!).
Dr.Web CureIt! Supports the following languages: Russian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese.
How do you know if your computer has a virus or not?

First, download great Spider CureIt
Then double-click the downloaded file
Next, select the mode you want to protect
Finally, waiting for the utility to scan your system. When the scan is complete, view the scan reports. Do you doubt it?
Dr.Web CureIt new features!

Support for Windows 10/08.
It provides a new scanning system, using multiple thread-mode, to take advantage of multi-core processors to scan your drive from the computer
A significant increase in the scanning speed
Program stability significantly improve the ability to eliminate the blue screen from death (blue screen), and scanning

The user interface has been completely redesigned
Rootkit search system
Advanced custom scan function allows the computer's memory, boot sector and startup objects such as scanning
Fi provides an option to stop scanning when
Provide to disable the operating system as soon as the scan is the full option
In order to identify "bioskits" Scan PC BIOS - infected malware PC BIOS
In lower-level block file operations
Dr.Web CureIt! - a simple Antivirus program Dr.Web CureIt! - a simple Antivirus program Reviewed by Chu Thanh Hải on March 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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