Download DriverEasy - Update and install the latest drivers for your system

DriverEasy integrates a massive database of computer drivers to ensure that your system is always up-to-date with the latest drivers to work with the highest performance. The most prominent features of DriverEasy are the quick uninstaller, driver optimizer and auto driver installation, driver backup and recovery with just a few simple operations.

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  • Software: DriverEasy
  • Size: 2.85 MB
  • Requirements: Windows xp / vista / 7/8/10
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The easy driver software supports driver updates that are missing for the user's computer. Installing the driver after installing the operating system is always annoying to the user. With the appearance of DriverEasy, your computer will be installed the most complete driver with a stable internet connection.

Can be seen that: now there are many driver finder software, drivers download drivers and install drivers automatically for the computer, each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. DriverEasy is also one of the software that, with the speed of finding and updating drivers for the user's computer, the software driver update easy driver always has a solid foothold in the user.
Download drivereasy

Easy driver download - Find and download drivers for your computer

More specifically, drivereasy is the perfect tool to help users find and locate the driver on the computer. Built-in over 1,000,000 drivers of hardware devices, the program automatically downloads missing drivers without affecting the performance of your computer.

What's new in DriverEasy

Driver easy search, locate the missing drivers on the user's computer. The program's strength is to integrate more than 1,000,000 drivers of hardware devices, which will help users find the most inexpensive drivers.

For example, you are missing the Canon 2900 Driver or the Canon Driver version 2900 is too old, please use the easy driver to update offline.

When you want to replace a graphics program or other applications without knowing that Windows still retains the drivers inside it, this will affect the performance of your computer as well as slow down the speed. Access your Web. Also easy driver allows you to uninstall the drivers, thus minimizing the size of computer system.

Like Driver Booster, all the things that a user has to do with an easyy driver is to start the program, scan all the directories on the computer drive, and the easy driver will start searching from the location where the lost drivers are located. Such as keyboard, mouse, audio, video, game, video card ...). Users can see the total number of old drivers, missing drivers, scanning devices and scan time.
Specifically, Driver Booster has been officially upgraded to version 3 Driver Booster. Thus, in addition to driver easy, you have a new option is Driver Booster 3 to download and install drivers for your computer. Myself.

Also used by users like DriverEasy, 3DP Chip also shows that it is one of the best application support in finding and installing missing drivers for your computer. Unlike the easy driver, 3DP Chip is free software but has relatively good speed when downloading and installing drivers.
Unlike the easy driver, the DriverPack Solution is very large in size, but because of this feature, the number of different device drivers is built in by DriverPack Solution, users just need to download and install then run. Programs, computer drivers will be automatically installed on your computer as quickly as possible.

Besides there are many other software that support download and install drivers automatically as easy driver such as Driver Booster, DriverMax, in terms of speed maybe DriverMax is superior.
Driver easy supports many different computers, different operating systems detect the driver, the program will find the best driver, most compatible with your system and give options for users to download and download. general settings.

Key features of easy driver:

- Improved Driver scanning method.
- Speed ​​up scanning.
- Fix some errors when scanning drivers in virtual devices.
- Search, locate missing drivers.
- Download drivers for use on the computer.
- Supports over 1,000,000 drivers in the archive.
- Backup, restore the Driver.
- Driver uninstall option.
- Automatically install the latest driver version for the program.
- Increase the performance of computer systems.
- Check the results found as well as the size of each driver file.
- Allows viewing information of computer system, operating system, RAM ...
- View hardware information: video card,
Network card, sound card ... - interface language option.
- Set up proxy configuration.
- Automatically update to the new version.

Step 1: Click Scan Now for the utility to start the search job. In addition to this direct key, you can click on the available Scan tool in the toolbar.

The search process takes a few minutes, depending on the number of software installed and the configuration of the computer you are using.

Step 2 : After the search process is finished, the software displays some of the following parameters on the screen:

- Outdated driver : The number of drivers is outdated or outdated.
- Missing driver : Number of missing drivers.
- Devices Scanned : Number of devices and software scanned.
- Scanning time :

Click Get Drivers if you want to download drivers that DriverEasy has found.

Step 3: You can download one or several or all of the drivers that this utility has found on your computer. The utility will automatically install these drivers for best use on your computer.

Tips Backup Driver using DriverEasy to use when reinstalling Windows

Step 1: Open DriverEasy

On the DriverEasy toolbar, click Tools ---> Driver Backup .

Step 2: A window will appear listing the drivers available on your computer.

Click on the entire Installed Drivers section and skip to the System Drivers section .

Also in this window, the utility provides a backup folder of the drivers available, or you can make changes to one of your available directories by selecting Browser .

There are two types of backup format to choose from: (here, select Folder style ).

- Folder : Create the Backup folder
- ZIP file : Make a backup in the ZIP file format

Setup complete, click Start Backup .

Step 3: Take a certain amount of time, depending on the computer configuration and the number of drivers available on your computer.

Click the Open backup folder so that after the backup process finishes, the utility will automatically open the folder containing the Driver backup.

Folder backups are fully displayed in the folder
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