Download CMC AntiVirus 2017 - Comprehensive computer protection

CMC Antivirus software is totally free for personal use, protection and data control in the global system, while protecting your computer from the ability: viruses, spyware, worms ...... by Analysis of files, e-mail, website visit.

CMC anti-virus software to identify nearly 500 million acres of viruses, trojans and worms, automatically and regularly updated database, to protect the security of your computer system. Therefore, the anti-virus computer's CMC protection ability is no less than another well-known anti-virus software, you already know.


  • Software: CMC AntiVirus 2017
  • Updates : 04/01/2017
  • File Size: 89,1 MB
  • Requirement : Windows NT/2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7/8

>>> Link download CMC AntiVirus

Some of the main features of CMC Antivirus:

Automatic Updates feature

  • Virus to automatically update the list
  • Updated 05 minutes 01 times
  • Auto Update Patch
  • Update mode to save bandwidth

PC protection

  • Identification of nearly 5 million viruses, Trojans and worms
  • Real-time protection mode
  • Protection of navigation
  • Personal Firewall (protection when you run the application, read / write files)

Other Features

  • Multilingual support
  • The ability to scan multiple jobs simultaneously
  • Scan Rootkit
  • Restore files
  • Compressed format commonly used
  • Offline Update: Update the machine without an Internet connection.
  • Sent to samples of strange CMC virus
  • Send CMC File Error

Required configuration:

  • Processor: Pentium II or higher.
  • RAM: 64 MB minimum.
  • Hard Drive: At least 40 MB hard drive capacity.
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