Avast free antivirus 17.1.3394 download Internet Security software

Avast Antivirus is a free antivirus software is completely free, yet powerful anti-virus software to protect the most powerful computers. A simple and easy to use interface Avast antivirus free software best antivirus application is widely used.


  • File size: 270 MB
  • Update: 21/02/2017
  • Requirements System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

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What is Avast antivirus free 2017 new:

- Visually amazing interface, enhanced application protection, running multiple security products and some content under the new passive mode for those who play the game.
- Security technology is simple, easy
- A single intuitive interface and new Avast Free Antivirus 2017 clicks, you can test everything passwords, network security, computer security.
- Play games without interruption
- Game mode automatically suspends all messages from Windows Avast or play games comfortably without being interrupted. This also allows for a smoother and faster gaming experience than before.
New Shield Behavior
- Avast Antivirus Free 2017 not only verifies the application to detect viruses, rogue malware ...... but also monitors the behavior of the application, to ensure that these applications are not suddenly violated.
- Avast antivirus free software implementation of shield enhancement behavior and remote support to improve technology and cloud saving parameters. In Avast free antivirus, the user interface has been simplified and additional software updates easily detect security flaws. In addition, the tools are built-in nuisance browser cleaning remove toolbars and plug-ins. Updated information on the dangers of always being updated daily.

- Note: If you are not registered, you can only use Avast free antivirus software for 30 days.

Features and enhancements related to protection:

- Science and Technology DeepScreen authorized avast! Make that files are new / unknown to more informed decisions. DeepScreen an AutoSandbox the "offspring" updated several new complementary technologies now, such as dynamic binary translation and Dyna genome announced earlier.
Suggest a new hardening model for inexperienced users: - automatic locking program often Deepscreen (middle level), even only executable permissions for known FileRep realization (progressive level).
- Improved cloud scanning, and scan the suspect files folder. Including a mechanism for optimizing the collection of new data from the sensor.
- Science CSU (continuous flow update) service provider to determine the minute by, reliable, uninterrupted.
- Improved removal of malware, backdoors, ...
- Y-8 and Win 8.1 with minor bug fixes.
- When used with the Microsoft Outlook application combining fixed socket.

Other new features:

- A new browser plug-in must evaluate security, anti-malware, phishing and reject tracking function (DNT) anonymous to improve the capacity of the Internet. DNT function does not rely on the DNT HTTP header, but it uses proprietary technology, it can not be covered by the server.
- The new security zone to support the safe implementation of e-procurement transactions and banks. Now, users can simply click easily between the security zone and a general click mouse click to move on. In addition, the online banking website automatically opens in the security zone.
- Backup Disk - allows users to create a CD or flash drive with Avast startup.

Other improvements:

- With a new navigation interface simplifies user support.
Control and management, directly from the Avast control panel protect all devices. My.avast.com account is perfectly integrated in the interface of the user interface which allows you to manage all Avast equipment running.
- Faster scanning engine thanks to optimized scan speed.
- Higher scanning speed thanks to optimized scanning engine.
- Rewrite the installation / entire tool updates to help install and upgrade faster, easier and more reliable process.
- Firewall is redesigned from scratch to work with the latest Windows support and complete for better IPv6 compatibility.
- Update a number of other improvements in the engine cleaning software and browser.

Avast antivirus software 2017. The main features of Avast

- Software update: Displays all obsolete software and applications.
- Browser Cleaning: Remove nuisance from unwanted toolbars and plug-ins.
- Shield behavior: to improve accuracy.
- User interface: Easy to use custom functions.
- Optimized touchscreen: Avast simplifies the use of Windows 8 based on tactile devices.
- Improved remote support.

Hardware configuration:

- Processor: Pentium 3.
- Memory: 128 MB.
- 200 MB of hard disk space.
- Comparison of functionality between versions of Avast

By comparison table will emphasize the different versions of avast allows users to easily select the difference between:

  • Avast free antivirus software download
  • Download Avast Internet Security
  • Download Avast Premier League

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