Android Studio - The Official IDE for Android

Android Studio provides the fastest tool to build applications on every type of Android device.
World-class code editing, debugging, performance tools and flexible build system and immediate build / deploy system can help you focus on building unique, high quality applications.


  • Software: Android Studio
  • Updates : 15/03/2017
  • Requirement : Windows XP and above

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Instant Run

Code and resources to push the change to the application on the device or emulator running, and see the changes take effect immediately.

Run instantly greatly speed up your editing, construction and run cycle, so that you "in the process."

Intelligent code editor

Use smart code editor to write better code, work faster and more efficiently, to help you with every step.

Android Studio is based on IntelliJ built, capable of advanced code completion, refactoring and code analysis.

Emulators fast and feature rich

Speed ​​to install and run applications faster than using a physical device, and test your application on device configuration almost all applications (Android phone, Android tablet, Android Wear and Android TV devices).

The new Android 2.0 emulator faster than ever, and allows you to dynamically adjust a sensor simulator control and access.

Robust and flexible construction system

Easily configured to include the base of project code and generate multiple projects from a single construct variants.

Use Gradle, Android Studio provides a high-performance construction automation, powerful dependency management and build custom configurations.

Development of all Android devices

Use single project targeting several form factors, so that between different versions of an application share code easily.

Android Studio provides a unified environment for the development of Android phone, tablet, Android Wear, Android TV and Android applications.

Code Models and GitHub Integration

Use code templates to start the project, such as navigating and viewing finishing drawer, or importing Google sample code from GitHub.

Project Android studio wizards to make it easier to add the previous code into the new project.
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