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TeamViewer is a computer remote control software is very convenient and fast, you can connect anywhere in seconds to a PC or server. Because of its convenience TeamViewer has won the hearts of many users.


  • Software TeamViewer Free
  • Version: 12.1.6829
  • Use: Free
  • Size: 12.4 MB
  • Requirements:  Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

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TeamViewer very convenient or administrator who communicate and often guidance clients. And the TeamViewer tool remotely controls, be it a chat application, and share data. With a lot of new remote control functionality, you can easily work faster and more intuitively. Expand your capabilities, and start using the browser in the team today, the latest online meetings by downloading and installing TeamViewer can easily connect to a remote computer.

Recently, TeamViewer version 12 has been released, and promised to bring powerful, fast, convenient, better than before.

Users can now better remote support, a small seasonal variation and improved workflow, and expressed its concern for the customer.

12.1.6829 Since the TeamViewer version, users will have better productivity, and remote support, as you wish.

Some of the main features of the browser team:

- You can send files directly in the chat window
- When a user reads the message on the device, it is automatically in all other devices marked as read
- The minimal size of the chat window is minimized
- Quick Link button will only move the selected window
- Significantly improve the performance of the system.
- Optimize the use of multi-core processor processor.
- HD quality voice transmission.
- The loading times and faster connect to the management console.
- Apply policy settings, distribute and execute them, if necessary, through the management console.
- Apply automatically to any changes to the installed policy settings for all.
- Just use the white access list to all devices.
- There is no need to worry about the user is allowed to access the whitelist for each device.
- By increasing companies to the whitelist without having to manage individual user access to mitigate some of the need for an administrator account.
- See the previous discussion or to help solve the problem.
- It provides a complete record of all chat conversations.
- The cat is fully encrypted.
- Create ongoing discussion group dialog.
- The use of video and VoIP for its excellent quality without having to start the meeting a colleague interaction.
- Prospect and a conversation in one call, many participants want to share the screen at any time.
- Video calls will be encrypted securely to ensure user privacy.
- A display screen, and the computer and contact lists your contact information, chat windows and dialog boxes requesting the same location - to help determine your identity.
- Quickly find what they use to share your screen or file or an appropriate device
- Use the built-in remote session or meeting program storage services, such as Dropbox, Files, Google Drive, onedrive share, or column.
- In both directions of file transfer.
- It offers a variety of the highest security standards, such as: Bit AES encoding session A256,2048 bit RSA key exchange.
- Control a remote computer, if you are sitting in the front right part of the screen.
- TeamViewer provides remote control applications for BlackBerry devices.
- Currently available on the remote control on the white board. Both can use the whiteboard to explain once.
- To encourage timely participation in the program allows you to lock after the start of the meeting. Do not worry, you can see who is waiting outside, and invite them to join if they wish.
- A computer contacts computer and API and your contacts using software. For example, when you see their customers online and build contact software with them. Synchronization of information, easily access, manage and modify computer and contacts.
- Remote control session held in agreement or not wait for something to save in your mind. No need to wait until the end of the meeting to comment.
- VoIP conference call widgets and have combined to make it easier for users to choose.
- Ability to add many different screen operations.
- Support capacity building in a number of different connection labels.

Tip: You should use the same version to avoid sudden power disconnected !!!

Download Control and Remote Desktop Connection Teamviewer free other version.

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